How to Filter Therapists on the Appointment Book


To view the names of only a selected few therapists on your Appointment Book, use filters. Zenoti enables you to filter the list of therapists based on jobs or tags. Applying filters particularly helps big centers with a large number of therapists to search for them easily, and booking appointments quickly. 

To filter therapists on the appointment book

  1. On your Appointment Book, make sure to select the Therapist view. therapist_view.png
  2. Click the Options icon, and then click Filter View.
  3. On the Apply Filter dialog, click the Filter by Tags or the Filter by Jobs option.Dialog.png
    • If you select Filter by Tags, start typing the name of the tag in the Enter tags separated by commas box, and select the tag from the suggestions that the application shows. You can enter multiple tags.

      Make sure you enter the names of only those tags that already created in the Employee module of your application. If you enter any other tags names, the application doesn't recognize those tags and cannot apply the filter.

        • If you select Filter by Jobs, select the job title from list of jobs that appear and click Apply
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