Why Are My Therapists Not Showing In The Appointment Book?


The following are a few reasons why your therapists may not show up in the appointment book:

  1. The employees may not have Therapist role assigned to them. Employees who are assigned different roles do not display in the appointment book. For details on how to assign roles to employee profiles, read the article Assign a therapist role to an employee profile.
  2. If you are a multi -center chain, ensure you are looking at the right center’s view.
  3. By default, only therapists that are scheduled (through the Employee Scheduler) will show in the appointment book. Verify that you've scheduled the employee from the employee scheduler for the day.
    1. If you want therapists to show in the appointment book, even if they have not been scheduled, update the organization setting with the following instructions:
      1. On the main menu, click the Admin tab.
      2. On the Admin dashboard, click Organization > Organizations.
      3. On the Edit Organization window, click the Settings tab, then click Appointment Book.
      4. Select the Display therapists that are on leave, special leave, off for the day, or are not scheduled for the day checkbox. 




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