Printing a Job Card

A job card consists of the service or services that a guest has booked in a particular appointment along with the names of the therapists assigned to each service. You can use a job card to enhance customer experience by entrusting service providers with the responsibility of getting the services done.  
You can print a job card and ask each therapist to sign the card after they complete their assigned service and then hand over the job card to the therapist delivering the next Service. You can also use the job card  to track any additional services the guest avails that is not a part of the original appointment. 
After all the services are rendered, you can use the information in the job card to update the appointment and proceed to collect the payment. 
You can print a job card for the following:

Printing multiple job cards eliminates the necessity for the front office to print a job card as and when a guest checks-in and thereby saves time.


To Print a single job card for an appointment

  1. In the Appointment Book, click the appointment of the guest and click Print Job Card.
  2. The option to print appears. Click Print. The job card is printed.
    Below is an example of a printed job card:

To print all job cards for the day

  1. In the Appointment Book, click an empty space and select Print Appointment.
    The Print Appointment window appears.
  2. Select Print all job cards for the day and click Print.
  3. The option to print appears. Click Print.
    All the job cards of all the scheduled appointments in the Appointment Book for the day are printed. 
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