How to Clock-In and Clock-Out Employees


For payroll purposes, all the employees in your store need to clock-in and clock-out at the start and end of each shift. Failure to effectively manage the employee clock will result in payroll errors.

To check in or check out an employee, follow these steps:

  1. On the top left corner of the appointment book, click the clock icon 1clock_icon.png.
  2. From the Employee list, click the name of the employee you want to check-in or check-out.

    Note: Alternatively, if you are using the Therapist view of the appointment book, click the name of the therapist, then click Check in/out from the menu. 

  3. Type in your username and password for authorization. The system automatically captures the employee's check in time. 

  4. After the check in, the system shows the name of the employee in Green or Red font, based on whether the employee checked in on time or is late to work.

To check out employees

  • Follow the same steps to clock out the employees. If they are already clocked in, the system clocks them out.
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