Enable Receipts with Goods and Service Tax


Starting April 1, 2015, organizations operating in Malaysia need to charge Goods and Services Tax (GST) of 6% when selling any applicable item. In Zenoti, you can enable the printing of the new GST compliant invoice formats at the center level.

To Enable the GST Receipt Format

Before you enable the printing of the new receipt, ensure that the new GST tax has been created in Tax Groups at the organization level and assigned to centers in your organization. Learn how to Create a Tax Group.

Then in Centers > Tax Groups assign the GST tax group to services, products, and packages. Finally, update each service, product, and package at the organization level with the GST and then proceed with enabling the GST receipt.

  1. From the centers list, select the center for which you want to apply the GST tax.
  2. On the Admin Dashboard, clock Organization > Center.
  3. Click on the Center name to edit it.
  4. Click the Settings tab, then click Invoice & Receipt
  5. Select any of the four available printer types: Regular - A4 Size, Receipt Printer, Dot Matrix, or Regular - A5 Size. Then select the GST receipt format option. 

The GST receipt format includes the following details:

  1. The Email Receipt Header template should be configured to include organization name, address, and the GST identification number.
  2. The Email Receipt Header template should be configured to  include TAX INVOICE label
  3. Once the GST receipt format is selected:
    1. The address of the guest is printed by default when available
    2. The Sub Total (excluding GST) is shown. This is the total sale amount excluding the GST.
    3. GST payable at 6% - Shows the GST amount calculated on sub total
    4. Total - Shows the total amount including GST that the customer has to pay
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