Create, Edit And Use Custom Packages


Custom packages enable your front desk to customize a package for each guest. For example, if you sell weight loss packages, you likely will have to create a package that takes into consideration the guest’s weight loss targets. That guest would first meet with a consultant, who would design a package of services and products based on weight goals and other needs.

If your front desk creates a custom package off a template, they can simply select from a pre-defined list of services and specify the quantity for each service. They can also add other services if required. 

Your front desk can:

a) Create a new custom package for a customer

b) Edit a custom package that was purchased previously

c) Modify a preexisting custom package template for a customer

This article shows you how the front desk can create, edit and use custom packages. 

If you need to create a custom package and only allow the front desk to add services from a specific list read the portion in this article titled To Limit Custom Packages To Specific Services.

To Create a Custom Package

1. Ensure you are in the appointment book

2. Click on an empty time slot in the appointment book

3. Select the Custom Package option


4. Create a new guest by entering the guest details, or search for an existing guest by entering a first name, last name, or phone number. 


Note: Personalize your interaction with the guest using the icons displayed below the guest profile. You can also access the guest history using the View History link at the bottom of the page.

5. Click on the Next button

6. Enter the following details to create the custom package:

Field Name                                                  Description
Package Category Custom packages can be grouped into package categories.  Select the package category to quickly find the custom package template you require
Template Optionally, select template 
Package Name This field is populated automatically
Business Unit Select a business unit (if these are defined for your org). 
Sale By Select the name of the employee who sold the package if you award commissions on the sale of packages.
Therapist Select the name of therapist who performs the services in the package. Therapist performance is measured based on the results achieved by the guest.



7. In the Package Services section, fill in the following:

a. In the Service field, search and add services to include in the package

b. In the field labeled Quantity enter the quantity of the service

c. You can optionally specify a discount for the service in the Discount field

8. Click the Add button. Your service is added to the list of services

9. In case you want to update the quantity of a service in the list, click on the field under the heading QTY and put in a new number.


9. Add any additional services as required

10. In the Package Price field, modify the price if required

Note: The software pre-populates the package price based on the services and any discounts.

11. If you defined a visit frequency when creating the custom package template, it will show up in the Visit Frequency Adjustment field. Otherwise this field will not appear.


Note: This field shows you the minimum number of days before another treatment can be done. For example, a laser treatment package might require a 30 day interval between services

12. If you defined a Validity Model when creating the custom package template it will show up in the Validity Model field.  Otherwise you can choose among the following options to fill in the       Validity Model field:

a) Choose Fixed Value if you want to enter the expiration date for the custom package

b) If you choose Maximum service frequency, Sum of All Service Frequencies or Mixed Model the system will automatically calculate validity in days

13. If you choose Fixed Value in the Validity Model field, in the Expiration field, enter the number of days or enter a specific date using the calendar

14. Click Finish. The invoice screen will open.

16. If a package template was set up with free or bundled products then the front desk will be able to select the product in the Select Item screen that will be displayed next.


Note: If a product category was chosen when setting up a package template, all products in the category will be the displayed and the customer can instruct the front desk which one to choose. Free products are provided at no cost to the customer when they buy a package while the price of bundled products can be included in the package cost or they can be charged separately on the invoice.

17. In the invoice screen, collect the payment for the package. The package will then be added to the guest’s profile.


18. The receipt generated will include the package purchased and the treatments included


To Book An Appointment With Services In the Custom Package

You can book appointments for services included in the custom package once the guest has paid for the package.

1. Ensure you are in the appointment book

2. Right click on an empty appointment block

3. Select New Appointment

4. Search for the guest and locate their record

5. Click on Active Packages


6. The screen that opens next shows a list of packages the guest has paid for. In the Select a package drop down box, select the desired package


7. Click on the Benefits tab

Note: You will be able to see how many appointments were scheduled and remain in the package.

8. Find the service that you need to book and click on the orange ‘plus’ button 


10. The appointment with that service will add to the appointment book


11. If you selected a template with a Target Entry specified in it, you will be able to record the client’s weight loss target by right clicking on the appointment block and selecting Enter current value for target



12. In the Set Target popup enter the guest’s weight Before and After each weight loss appointment and click Add. You will also be able to see the weight loss goal specified for the package and the current weight lost.



To Edit A Custom Package

Once a guest has purchased a custom package, you can edit it from the appointment book if the guest wants to add more services. You can also change the purchase date, expiration date and center in the custom package.

1. Ensure that you are in the appointment book

4. Search for the guest and locate their record

5. Click on View History


6. In the guest details section click on the Packages tab to see a list of active packages and their expiration dates


7. To change the Expiration, click on the date link. A pop-up will open

8. Select the new date from the calendar




9. To add services or edit existing services in the package, click on the package name link 


10. In the popup, click on the Edit Custom Package link


11.  Make any edits like adding services, change the expiration date, therapist, quantity of services or discount.



To Limit Custom Packages To Specific Services

Using a limited package template your front desk can create custom packages by picking  from a specific list of services but they will not be able to add any others to it. For example a laser hair removal package can include three small body parts each of which are priced similarly. When it is presented to the customer they can choose which two body parts they want treated from a list of three. 

Custom packages created with a fixed service list allow your front desk to quickly create a package and gives customers the ability to choose which services they need included. 

To Enable Your Organization To Create Custom Packages With A Specific Service List

Before you create custom packages with limited services in Zenoti you need to enable the setting at the organization level.

1) Ensure you are in the Organization view

2) Click on the Admin link

3) Click Organizations


4) Click the Settings tab

5) Expand the Packages folder

6) Select the checkbox Do not allow selling custom packages not based on a template 



Note: Once you select this option your front desk will only be able to create and sell custom packages using templates, and only a list of services included in the template will be displayed in a drop down box.

7) Click Save

To Limit A Package To A Specific Number Of Services

When the front desk is creating a package using a template, you can for example limit them to choosing two services from a list of five that are displayed. To enforce this limit you need to specify maximum number of services in the package template.

1) Ensure you are in the Organization view

2) Click on the Admin link

3) Click Packages under Resources

4) Click Add in the right hand pane to create a new package template

Note: You can search for an existing template by entering its name or tag in the search box and then click on its name to modify it.



5) In the Number of Services to Select field, enter the exact number of services available to customers in this particular package.

6) Click Next to continue creating the package template, or click Finish to save it.

Note: Once the package template is created you can use it to create custom packages and sell them from the appointment book using the process mentioned at the beginning of this page. When the front desk chooses a template they will first see the exact number of services to select. Then they can choose the number of services specified, from the list available in the Service drop down box.



To Track Sales Of Custom Packages

Track the packages sold in a center and for all business units for that center.

1. Ensure you are in the Center view

2. Navigate to the Admin Dashboard

3. Click on Sales 



4. In the Select a Report drop down box, select Sales – Package

5. In the Select a business unit drop down box, select the appropriate business unit

6. Select the required date range

7. Select whether you want to see only closed or open invoices in the report

8. Select the name of the employee

9. Fill in the Package Name or Tag

10. Click on Refresh 



To View A Daily Report Of Custom Package Sales

You can also view a daily report with sales of custom packages in your center.

  1. Ensure you are in the Center view and in the Admin Dashboard
  2. Click on Daily Reports
  3. In the field named Select a report click on Sales – Packages
  4. Select the day for which you want the report displayed
  5. Click on the Refresh button
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