Changing the Membership Expiration Date

A membership usually comes with an expiration period (for example, validity of a membership can be 12 months). The expiration date of the membership is displayed in the guest's profile (Memberships tab).

In some cases, you can choose to change the membership expiration date. For example, you can choose to change the expiration date of a guest who is traveling and will not be able to visit a center for some time.

Note: If you are looking to update a membership's expiration rules from the Marketing module, refer to this article: Modifying an Existing Membership

To update the membership expiration date of an existing member, follow these steps:

  1. In the Appointment Book search box, start typing the name of the guest for whom you wish to add credit card details.
  2. On the matching guest record, click Profile.
    The guest's profile opens.
  3. In the Guest Profile window, click the Memberships tab.

  4. The expiration date of the membership is shown in the Expiration column. Click the date link and select the new date from the calendar.

    The membership expiration date is updated as per your selection.


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