View Pre-Paid or Gift Card Details

A pre-paid card or a gift card involves collection of advance payments from guests and usually have an expiration date. The guests can use the pre-paid card or gift card to pay for services or products within the expiration date.  

Guests usually inquire about the balance available on their card, expiry date, or both. Upon such inquiries, you can view the details of the pre-paid or gift card from the Appointment Book.

To view pre-paid card or gift card details, do the following:

  1. Ensure that you are at the Center level.
  2. Open Appointment Book and click in any of the open spaces.
  3. Click Pre-paid/Gift Card Details.
    The Pre-paid/Gift Card window opens.
  4. Enter the pre-paid card or the gift card number and click Show
  5. The card details appear as follows:
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