How to Change the Date of a Petty Cash Transaction

Every purchase made using petty cash must be recorded. Entering petty cash transactions in Zenoti helps track expenses and print expense vouchers that you can use to offset income for business tax purposes.

If you have missed entering a petty cash transaction made in the past and wish to enter the transaction in Zenoti now, you can do the following:

  1. Enter the petty cash transaction in Zenoti. The entry is saved with today's date.
  2. Change the date of the entry to the date when the transaction actually happened.

Note: To change the date of a petty cash transaction, you must have View permission enabled for PettyCash for your role at the Organization level (ADMIN >  SECURITY ROLES > Role Name > PERMISSIONS > ADMINISTRATOR)

To change the date of a petty cash transaction, do the following:

  1. In the Appointment Book, click an open slot and click Petty Cash.
    The Petty Cash Ledger opens.
  2. Petty cash transactions recorded today are shown in the grid.
    Note: If you are yet to enter the missed petty cash transaction in Zenoti, enter the transaction in Zenoti before you proceed to the next steps. For more information on entering petty cash transactions in Zenoti, see Recording Petty Cash Transactions.

  3. For the entry you wish to change the date (backdate), click the Date against the entry.
    A calendar opens.
  4. Select the new date and click Save.
    The new date is saved.
    Note: As you have changed the date to a date in the past, the edited entry disappears from the list.
  5. You can see the changed date in the Daily Petty Cash report (center level, Admin > Reports > Accounting > Daily Petty Cash).
    Below is an example of the date changed from 27th September to 25th September.

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