Transferring Business Cash to Petty Cash

Often, a part of business cash is set aside as petty cash either on a regular or on a need basis. This flow of cash needs to be recorded in Zenoti for financial reports to show accurate numbers.

You can transfer business cash to petty cash from the Appointment book. 

Note: To transfer business cash to petty cash, you must have View permission enabled for PettyCash for your role at the Organization level (ADMIN >  SECURITY ROLES > Role Name > PERMISSIONS > ADMINISTRATOR).


To transfer business cash to petty cash, do the following:

  1. In the Appointment Book, click an open slot and click Petty Cash.
    The Petty Cash Ledger opens.
  2. Make an entry for business cash to petty cash transfer as follows:

    Entry Type Receipts
    Source Business Cash
    Category Select the appropriate category.
    For information on creating categories, see Creating Petty Cash Categories.
    Description Type a description for the transfer. For example, Petty Cash for Refreshments.
    Amount Enter the amount that you wish to transfer. For example 100.

  3. Click Add.
    The entry appears as a petty cash receipt.

  4. Click Save
    The transfer of business cash to petty cash is recorded.

Note: Once the transfer between business cash to petty cash is recorded, it reflects in the petty cash amount on the Close Payments window (the end of day closing). Below is the screenshot of the petty cash entry at the end of the day closing.

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