Refunding an online credit card charge

You can integrate Payment Gateways with Zenoti for easy payment collections and refunds using credit cards. If you have integrated a payment gateway for your center, the payments collected through credit cards are then called online credit card charges. 

You can refund any online credit card charge (for example, either for a return of a product, unsatisfactory service, or wrong entry in POS), either partially or fully with cash, custom payments, pre-paid cards, or directly to the credit card. You can refund any online credit card when:

  • The guest makes a payment using a credit card and you close the invoice.
  • While collecting payment, guest makes a payment using credit card, but before you close the invoice, the guest changes mind to make complete or partial payment using another payment type (for example, cash)

Before you begin

When you are refunding an online credit card charge, you must be aware of the following:

  • You cannot refund to a credit card an amount exceeding the amount paid by the guest using the credit card (for an invoice).
  • You cannot refund the purchase of a Gift Card.
  • You can choose to refund an online card charge through either cash, pre-paid card, or custom payment. 

Table of Contents

To refund a closed invoice, do the following:

  1. In the Appointment Book, open the guest's profile and click the Payments tab. 
    All the payments made by the guest and the corresponding invoice details appear.
  2. Click the invoice (number) whose payment you wish to refund.
    The invoice opens.
    Note: If the guest brings the receipt, you can open the invoice by clicking any open slot in the Appointment Book and then clicking Search Invoice No/Receipt No.
  3. Expand the I want to ... drop-down and select Refund Invoice.
    The Refund Invoice screen opens.
  4. Select the item you wish to refund and enter the refund amount (either partial or the complete amount)
  5. Click Select Refund Mode.
    The Payment Methods page appears and displays the payment methods used to purchase the items.
  6. Based on the guest's preference, enter the amount to refund as follows:
    • Refund the entire amount to credit card (enter the entire amount to refund in the Credit Card field).
    • Refund partial amount to credit card and balance amount by means of cash, custom payment, gift card (if used as a payment methods to purchase the item), or issue a prepaid card for the amount.
  7. Click Refund.
    The invoice opens and shows the refund details.
  8. Click Close & Print to close the invoice.
    Refund accepted message appears.

To refund a transaction for an open invoice, do the following:

  1. In the invoice, after you have added the payment, in the Collect Payment section where the added payment shows, click the edit icon ().
    The Transactional Details window opens.
  2. Enter the amount to refund and click Refund. A message stating that the refund transaction was completed successfully appears. 
    Note: You can enter either complete or partial amount. The amount you enter here is refunded to the credit card.
  3. Click OK on the Refund transaction completed successfully message. 
    You will come back to the invoice screen.
  4. Proceed to collect payment as you normally do.



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