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The recommended way to book an appointment in Zenoti is from your appointment book. The Appointment book helps you capture all the important details related to the guest and the service, and to collect the payment using Point of Sale. 

If you want to generate an invoice for a particular walk-in guest, without creating an appointment from the scratch, you can directly do so from the Point of Sale (POS) screen. Learn how to book an appointment from the POS.

If you are looking to book a package, refer to this article: Booking a Day Package.

To book an appointment in the past, the Allow booking appointments in the past checkbox needs to be selected in the Admin > Organization > Organizations > Settings > Appointment Book page.
  1. On the appointment book, under the selected therapist's column, click an open time slot, then click New Appointment.
  2. The system open the Appointment Info panel at the bottom of the appointment book
  3. Check if the client has visited your spa before. If not, enter the mobile number, first name, last name, gender, and the referral source to create the guest profile in the system. If it is a repeat client, type the first name, last name, or the mobile number of the guest, and select a matching profile from the list of suggestions that the system shows.
    hen you search for a guest, the guest profile that the system shows could be just from your center or from your entire organization, depending on your Appointment Book settings at the Organization and Center levels. Customer_search.png
  4. After the guest details are entered, the system alerts the front desk with useful information, such as any notes related to guest preferences, and if the guest has any outstanding amount.
    If you are booking the appointment for a new client, after you enter the service details, the system shows an alert to add the credit card information. Click Add Credit Card to enter the details. Depending on the your organization setting for Required Credit Card for Appointment Booking, you are allowed or stopped from booking an appointment for a new guest without the credit card information.
  5. Click the Services tab, and start typing the name of a service in the Service box.


  6. Select the service from the list of suggestions. If a description is entered for the service while creating it, click the description.png icon next to Service to read the description. 

    In the Appointment Book settings for your organization (Admin > Organization > Organizations > Settings > Appointment Book), if the Auto-suggest service name on adding a service to an appointment checkbox is not selected, the system shows the Service field as a drop-down list, instead of a text box.
  7. If a service is not in the list, contact your admin to create it in the back end. Learn how to create a service.

  8. In the Request list, select any therapist-related preference that the guest has, such as asking for a specific therapist. 

  9. Select a therapist for the service. If the therapist has another appointment or on a scheduled break, the applications shows the following alert.
    Click Yes to add the appointment without changes, or click No to change the therapist or the appointment schedule. 

  10. If applicable, select a Room for the service.

    While configuring the service in your system, you can map rooms to the services so that only the valid rooms for a service. Learn how.
  11. Select a Start time. The End time is automatically calculated based on the Service Time that is configured while creating the service. 

  12. Click Add Service.

  13. If the service you select has add-ons, the system displays a dialog with the list of available add-ons for the service. To select an add-on, click the checkbox next to it, then click OK.

  14. To add another service to the appointment, repeat from step 5.
  15. To make this a repeat appointment, enter the repeat settings. Learn how to create a repeating appointment.
  16. If there are any notes that are entered while creating the service in Zenoti, the application displays an alert to remind the front desk of the specific tasks associated with the service or the products used in them. For example, you can use a note to up-sell or cross sell services that reminds the front desk to suggest the guest a manicure if they book a pedicure.
  17. Click Save to complete the booking, or click Take Payment if you want to proceed to the payment directly.

To understand the meaning of the different symbols within the appointment book, click the icon at the top right hand corner of the appointment book. 

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