Changing the Guest Appointment Status


As appointments pass through different stages, you can change their status on the appointment book to reflect their current state. An appointment status is helpful to the front office to schedule appointments more effectively, and make better utilization of resources. The data related to appointment statuses is also used in various reports in Zenoti that help you to gauge your center or organization's performance.

Zenoti uses different colors to indicate different appointment statuses:


Appointment Status

Open, New, or Tentative


Checked in

Payment processed, feedback pending



Time Elapsed

Important: When you Cancel, Void or mark an appointment as No show, the system removes the appointment box from the appointment book.

Note: It is not mandatory for an appointment to go through all these stages. You can directly move and appointment from one stage to another, skipping some or all of the intermediate stages. For example, if you did not change the status of a new appointment to confirmed or checked in, you can still process the  payment.

Changing the Status of a Guest Appointment

To change a guest appointment status, follow the below instructions:

  1. On the appointment book, click the appointment whose status you want to change.
  2. Click Change Status. The system shows the current status of the appointment with a check mark next to it.
    Note: The above image is the status for an open appointment (marked orange). The Change Status options will vary depending on the appointment status. For example, clicking on an appointment in paid status (marked red), will display Reopen and Void change status options. 
  3. Click the appropriate status from the list.
    The appointment book now shows the updated status.
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