How to Book a Repeating Appointment


You can create repeating appointments for services for which a guest comes periodically, such as facial, waxing, and hair spa. Similarly, there could be a series package of multiple sittings of the same service, which need to be taken every month.  In such cases, you can create a repeating appointment for the same service that repeats after a fixed number of days, weeks, months, or years. 

To book a repeating appointment follow the below steps:

  1. Click an available time slot for the first appointment in the series, then click New Appointment.
  2. Enter the guest and service details, just as you do for one-time appointments. 
    To learn how to create appointments in Zenoti, read the Book an Appointment article.
  3. After you enter the required details, click the Repeat checkbox on the Appointment INFO panel.
  4. In the Repeat Appointment dialog , enter the following repeat settings:
    1. Repeats: select a periodicity for the appointments: Daily, Weekly, Monthly, or Yearly.
    2. Repeats Every: enter how often the appointments must be booked in terms of the repeat periods.

      For example, if you want to book an appointment that repeats every two weeks, do the following:

      • Select Weekly from the Repeats list.

      • Select 2 from the Repeats Every list.

    3. Starts On: it is automatically set to the first appointment date in the series. However, you can change the date here to reschedule the first appointment. The repeat appointments are automatically moved based on the changed start date. 
    4. Ends: if you want to stop the repeating appointment after a specific number of occurrences, click After and enter the number of times the appointment should repeat. The appointment series ends after the number is reached. 

      If you want to end the appointments on a specific date, click On, and enter the end date.

    5. Click Save. To make any changes to the repeat settings before saving the appointment, click the Edit link next to the Repeat checkbox. 

      Note: If there are scheduling conflicts with any future appointment in the series, the system creates the appointment anyway. You need to resolve any scheduling conflicts manually.

  5. Click Save to save the appointment, or click Save and Take Payment to proceed to POS screen.

    Note: Once you save the appointment, the Edit link next to the Repeat checkbox allows you to only change the End date or the number of occurrences of the repeating appointment. However, you can modify or delete the appointments in the series just like you do the one-time appointments. 

 The system shows a repeat icon on the top left corner of all the appointment boxes in the repeating appointment.



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