Adding Product Consumption Manually from the Appointment Book

Inventory management is a key area in spa and salon management. Managing inventory means ensuring proper usage of products such as oils, shampoos, lotions, and hair colors by checking pilferage, limiting wastage, and also ordering the right amount or units of the products such that your Center is neither under-stocked nor over-stocked. It is a best practice to estimate product consumption as accurately as possible and order and stock products, as required. However, at times, it is difficult to estimate product consumption for some services accurately. 

Example: It is difficult to estimate consumption of hair colors because the quantity of hair color and shade of hair color that each guest requires, varies. In such cases, you can allow the front desk to manually enter the quantity of hair color consumed so that it becomes easier for you to manage your inventory. 

Before you Begin

Before you begin to add product consumption manually, at the organization level, ensure you have configured the following: 
  • You should have already set up Services with Product consumption details from Admin > Resources > Services > (Name of Service)Products.  
  • Ensure the check box Allow Product Consumption entry in the Appointment Book is selected from Admin > Resources > Services > (Name of Service) > General. 
  • If the check box Track consumption automatically is selected under Admin > Resources > Services > (Name of Service) > Products, ensure the Allow to override automatic product consumption in appointment book is also selected so that the front desk can override tracking of automatic product consumption. 

To Add Product Consumption Manually from the Appointment Book:

  1. On the Appointment Book, click an appointment for which you want to enter Product Consumption. 
  2. Click Add Consumed Products
    The Add Products page opens with the list of products applicable to the service. Note that products that are tracked automatically appear with an asterisk (*) mark. The products that can be added manually appear in the drop-down list. 
  3. Select a product from the drop-down list and enter the number of units consumed (Example: 1 unit) or the amount used (Example: 10 ml). 
  4. Click Add
    The application displays the Product name and the quantity consumed. This is used to track Product Consumption within a Center.
  5. Repeat the above step for the other Products in the Service. 
    Note: To remove a Product, click  next to the Product. 
  6. Click Add Retail in cases where Product usage is billed to the guest.
    The application adds the price for the Product usage to the invoice directly, without tracking its usage.
  7. Click Save
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