Manager Approvals for Manual Discounts


While the most effective way of giving discounts is through campaigns, the front office can also enter discounts manually for an invoice by clicking on the Discount column. However, if you wish to restrict this practice, such that a manual discount needs approval or authentication from a manager or owner, you can configure this in the Organization Settings page. To do this, perform the following steps:

  • Click the Organizations link in the Admin mode.


  • Click the SETTINGStab. Update the following settings on this page
    • Enable discount adjustments in bill - Choose this setting if you wish that front office can manually enter discounts in the Discount column on the invoice.
    • Is authentication needed for discount change - Choose this setting if any manual discount given on an invoice needs a manager or owner approval or authentication. If this setting is enabled, a dialog box would appear when the front office personnel clicks on the Discount in the invoice. Manager\Owner credentials need to be given before a discount can be entered. Click Save.

Appointment Book Impact

Once this setting is enabled in the Organization Settings page, when the front office personnel tries to give a manual discount on the invoice by clicking on the Discount column, a new dialog box appears and the manager\owner needs to enter their credentials before a manual discount can be given on the invoice.



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