Book a Therapist for Multiple Services Simultaneously

Sometimes, a therapist may need to be booked for more than one Service simultaneously. A guest may want to avail different Services such as a hair coloring and a manicure. That is, once the guest avails the hair coloring Service, there is some waiting time. During this time, the Therapist can perform another Service (manicure) for the guest. Zenoti allows you to book a Therapist for such multiple Services simultaneously.

Prerequisite: Ensure the option Double-booking for Therapists is set to Allow from Admin Organization Organizations Settings Appointment Book

Note: You can select from three options for the setting Double-booking for Therapists:

  • Allow: If you select this option, the front desk can book the Therapist for mutiple Services. 
  • Warn: If you select this option, the front desk will get a warning while booking multiple Services for a Therapist.
  • Block: If you select this option, the front desk will not be able to book multiple Services for a Therapist. 

 To book a Therapist for multiple services simultaneously:

  1. On the Appointment Book, click an open slot, and select New Appointment.
    The Appointment Info Panel opens up at the bottom of the page.
  2. For a new guest (if a guest record does not exist), enter the following mandatory details to create a new guest record: Mobile number, First name, Last name, Gender
    Note: The First name and Last name fields are always mandatory. You can choose to make Gender, Email, and Referral source fields mandatory from Organization Settings (Admin > Organization > Organizations> Settings > Guests).
    For an existing guest, start typing the First name, Last name, or the Mobile number, and select a matching profile from the list of suggestions.
  3. Click Book Multiple

    The Book Multiple Services window opens.
  4. Select the Services from the appropriate Category and Sub-Category.  
    The Services you select appear in the bottom panel of the page. 
  5. Click Add
    The Services you specify appear in the Appointment Info Panel. You can view appointment details, including price and schedule for the different Services.
  6. Click Save.  
    The front desk will be able to view the appointment on the Appointment Book. 
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