Booking a Day Package

A Day Package is a combination of Services that Guests can purchase at a discounted price. In this way, Day Packages encourage higher average invoice prices. Guests need to avail all the Services of a Day Package on the same day. You can sell and book a Day Package from the Appointment Book.

Example: You could sell a manicure ($25) and pedicure ($25) that has a total cost: $50, for a discounted total price ($42) in a Day Package. Similarly, you can create a Day Package that combines a scrub ($70), manicure ($25), pedicure ($25), and a deep tissue massage ($60) that would normally cost: $180, by offering these services for a cheaper price ($160) to encourage guests to try out these Services. 

To book a Day Package for a Guest:

Prerequisite: You must have already created the Day Package so that it is available from the Appointment Book when the front desk tries to book a Day Package.  

  1. On the Appointment Book, click an open time slot and click New Appointment.
    The Appointment Info panel opens.
  2. For a new guest, enter the mobile number, first name, last name, gender, and the referral source to create the Guest Profile. 
    Note: Based on your Organization’s settings for Guests (Admin > Organization > Organizations> Settings > Guests) some fields will be mandatory.
    For an existing guest, type the first name, last name, or the mobile number of the guest, and select a matching profile from the list of suggestions.
    Note: When you search for a guest, the Guest Profiles that appear could be just from your Center or from your entire Organization, depending on your Appointment Book settings at the Organization and Center levels (Admin > Organization > Organizations> Settings > Appointment Book and Admin > Organization > Centers > Settings > Appointment Book). 
  3. Zenoti alerts the front desk with any useful information, such as Notes on the guest. 
    Example: Notes could include any general information such as 'The guest likes coffee'. Or, the information could be about outstanding amounts such as 'The guest has a past due payment of $110 from Dec 20, 2015 for the membership, Recurring Membership. Please collect the payment.' 
  4. Click the Package tab, then select a package from the Package list. 
    The price field fills automatically based on the Package settings.
  5. Click Add Package
    The services included in the package appear on the Appointment Info panel.
  6. If the Guest has any preferences for Therapists, select Male, Female, or Specific
    If you select Specific, you can specify the Therapist’s name in the adjacent Therapist column.
    By default, this field displays Any (which means the Guest does not have any preferences for the Therapist). 
  7. If applicable, select a Room for each service under the Room column.
  8. Click Save
    The Appointments appear on the Appointment Book.

To take payment for a Day Package: 

  1. After the Guest avails all the Services of the Day Package, in the Appointment Book, click the guest’s appointment and and select Take Payment
    The Invoice displays the Package name along with its Price, and any applicable Discount and Taxes.

  2. In the Collect Payment section, select a Payment Method.
  3. Click Add Payment.
    The payment is added in the bottom panel of the invoice.
  4. Click Close (with a printer icon) to close the invoice and print the receipt.
    Click Close (with an email icon) if you want to send the receipt by email.
    A message appears confirming the successful payment.
  5. Click OK.
  6. The name of the Day Package that the guest availed, appears on the printed receipt or the emailed copy. 

    Learn more about taking payments
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