How to Assign Add-Ons to an Existing Service?


Add-Ons are services that can be offered along with other services, but cannot be booked as separate appointments. They are usually performed within the scheduled service time, without extending it. Guests are charged for the add-on services, and you can pay commissions to employees on the add-ons.

You need to create add-ons in Zenoti before you can assign it to a service. Add-ons are created just like the regular services, by selecting the This service is an Add-on checkbox in the General tab of the Create or Modify Service screens. To learn more, read the Creating a Service article.

  1. On the Admin Dashboard, click Resources, and then click Services.
  2. On the Manage Services window, click the name of a service you want to edit.
  3. On the Edit Service window, click the Add-ONs tab. 
  4. In the Service box, start typing the name of a add-on, and select the matching name from the list of suggestions that the application shows. 
  5. Click Add. The add-on that you select displays below.

If you want to include more add-ons, repeat the same steps. To remove an add-on, click the red cross icon next to it.

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