Add Processing Time To A Service And Break A Service Into Segments


At times, a single service is made up of multiple steps also known as segments. For example, Hair Coloring might include segments such as : wash, blow-dry, color, processing time, wash and blow-dry. When a customer books this service, each segment will show as an individual block in the appointment book. This ability to include processing time into a service allows you to book the service provider to another appointment during the processing time. You can also drag and drop individual segments to different providers. The system automatically adjusts commissions and utilization for each service segment.

This feature can also be used to assign multiple providers for the same service. For example, you can define a couple’s massage with two service segments. After booking the appointment, the receptionist can drag and drop one of the segments to a second provider.


To Set Up Processing Time And Segments In A Service:

1) Ensure you are in the Organization view

2) Click on the Admin Link

3) In the Admin Dashboard click on Services under the Resources section


4) Use the search feature to find the service you want to modify

Note: You can only add segments and processing time to services that already exist. To add them to new services, first create the service and then modify it.

5) Click on the name of the service

6) In the General tab click on Define Service Segments. This opens the Service Segments pop-up.


7) In the Name field, enter the name of the first segment

8) In the Time field, enter the time it takes for this segment to be completed



9) Select the This segment reflects processing time checkbox, if the segment is processing or wait time. The last segment cannot be for processing time.

10) Click Add 

11) Repeat these steps for each segment in the service. You should add segments in the order they are performed. The total segment times need to add up to the Service Time indicated for the service.

12) Click Save


To Book A Service With Segments:

1) In the appointment book, follow the same steps as booking any service

2) When the service is added to the appointment book, the service shows individual blocks for each segment. 


3) Drag and drop any of the segment blocks to different service providers as required. The receptionist should be careful to keep the proper sequence and start times for each segment. Any processing time shows as empty space in the appointment book.

Note: The original therapists name for the service will show up in the lower panel (i.e. Appointment Info panel) with appointment details.


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