Modifying an Existing Prescription Set


What is a Prescription Set?

A Prescription Set in Zenoti in a combination of items (medication, drugs, injections, diet plans, and so on) along with dosage and instructions. A prescription set once created can be used to enter prescription information for certain services in the Appointment Book. For example, a guest might come for a laser service and as a post treatment prescription, you could use an existing prescription set and print it for the guest. A prescription set saves time as compared to entering individual prescriptions from the Appointment Book.

What initial setup is required before working with Prescription Sets?

To enable the prescription sets feature, the organization needs to enable the 'Is clinic' setting. This is done in the Organization Settings page, as shown below:


Once the organization setting is enabled, the 'Is clinic' setting at center level needs to be enabled. This is done in the Center Settings page, as shown below:


Only once these settings are enabled in the Organization and Center page, you will see a Prescription Sets link in the Admin mode.

How do I modify a Prescription Set?

To modify a prescription set, perform the following steps:

  • In the Admin mode, click the Prescription Sets link.


  • A list of available prescription sets in the current center display. You can do the following from this page:
    • Click the Add Prescription Set button to create a new prescription set.
    • Search for an existing prescription set.
    • Click on an existing prescription set to edit\delete the prescription set.
    • Export the list of prescription sets to other formats, such as CSV, PDF, and Excel.


  • Click on an existing prescription set name to modify\delete the prescription set. To delete the prescription set, click the Delete button on the right pane.
  • Click the GENERAL tab to update the prescription set name and description.
  • Click the ITEMS tab to update the prescription set's items, dosage, or instructions. Click the Delete icon to delete an item. Click Save when you are done with the changes.



Adding Prescription Set from Appointment Book

Once prescription sets are created, you can add a prescription set for a service from the Appointment Book. The items in the prescription set will then automatically be added to the prescription. To add a prescription set from the Appointment Book, perform the following steps:

  • Access the Appointment Book module.
  • Create an appointment for which you need to provide prescription.
  • Right-click on the appointment and select the Prescription option.


  • Choose the prescription set from the list of available prescription sets and click Go.


  • The items associated with the prescription set along with dosage and instructions information are added automatically.


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