Create And Use Prescription Sets


A Prescription Set consists of things like medications, injections or diet plans along with dosage and instructions. After you create a prescription set, the front desk can print them from the Appointment Book.

For example,you can create a prescription set for home care instructions after laser treatment. The front desk simply prints this for the guest. Using a preexisting prescription set saves time compared to entering individual prescriptions from the Appointment Book.

A prescription set can be used to combine single prescriptions. 


To Enable Prescriptions For Your Organization

1. Ensure you are in the Organization view

2. Navigate to Organizations> Manage Organization > Organization Name

3. Click on the Settings tab

4. Expand the General folder

5. Select the Enable prescription check box


To Enable Prescriptions For Your Center:

1. Ensure you are in the Center view

2. Navigate to Centers> Manage Centers > Center Name

3. Click on the Settings tab

4. Expand the General folder

5. Select the Enable Prescription check box



To Enable Your Organization To Print A Standard Prescription

1. Ensure you are in the Organization view

2. Click the Admin link

3. Click Organizations

4. Click the Email/Texts tab

5. Click the Edit link next to the Standard Prescription template

6. In the next page select the Turn this automated email on checkbox

edit email-text.png

 Note: The standard format for prescriptions includes important information like doctors’ DEA registration number, State License Number, shipping & billing addresses and instructions.  Also if an organization needs their logo and contact details on the prescription they can turn this template on and customize it to suit their needs.


To Enable Signing Of A Prescription

You can enable signing of prescriptions by doctors or specialists in your center.   To do this you first have to enable your center to handle signed prescriptions. 

1. Ensure you are in the Center view

2. Click Centers

3. Click Settings

4. Expand the General folder

5. Select the Enable Prescription Signing checkbox

prescription signing.png


To Enable Employees To Sign Prescriptions

You can give selected doctors and specialists the ability to sign prescriptions.

1. Ensure you are in the Center view

2. Click the Employee tab

3. In the Employee Dashboard click Employees

employee signature 2.png

4. Click the name of the employee

5. In the General tab:

6. Select the Allow Prescription Signing checkbox

Note: Names of employees who are allowed to sign prescriptions will show up in the Doctor drop down box in prescriptions.  All employees with this permission can sign prescriptions irrespective of whether a specific prescription is assigned to them or not.

employee signature.png


7. Enter addition information in Additional Field1 and Additional Field2. 

Note: Additional field1 and 2 can be used to capture optional information that cannot be stored using existing fields. In case of prescriptions, these can be used to capture DEA number and License number. These fields are available as macros in the standard prescription template.


To Create A Prescription Set

1. Ensure you are in the Organization view and in the Admin Dashboard

2. Click on the Prescription Sets link


3. Click on the Add button in the upper right of the screen

4. In the Name field enter the name of the prescription set

5. In the Description field enter a description

6. Click Next

7. In the three text fields, enter the Item name, Dosage and Instructions respectively

8. Click Add. The item will add to the table 


9. Repeat the steps to add additional items into the prescription set

Note: Click the red cross to delete any items from the prescription set

10. Click Finish

11. You will see a popup with the message Prescription set saved successfully

12. Click Ok on the popup


To Print A Prescription Set From The Appointment Book

The front desk can either create a prescription set or use an existing prescription set.

1. Ensure you are in the appointment book

2. Right-click on the client’s appointment block

3. Select Enter Prescription Data. A pop-up window displays.


4. In the Doctor field, select a name using the drop down box. 

Note: The prescription would be assigned to the selected doctor for electronic signature and an email/text notification would be sent to them informing of the assignment. Prescriptions cannot be emailed to patients or printed in a standard format without being electronically signed.

5. In the Diagnosis section, enter the guest’s diagnosis

7. In the next section, you can either add a new prescription item by filling in the Prescribed Item Name, Dosage and Instructions fields or select a preexisting prescription set name from the Or, select from an existing prescription set drop-down field 

8. Add prescription items as required.

9. If you want to save this prescription set, enter a name in the Save these prescriptions as a Prescription Set field

10. In the Investigation Name field, enter any tests that the guest should have done

11. Click Add

12. In Notes field, add any relevant comments

13. In the Ship to name field add the name of the guest

14. In the Shipping Instructions field add the shipping address

Note: The Ship to name and Shipping Instructions fields will only appear if the setting to sign prescriptions is turned on at the center level. 

15. In the Status field, the status will be displayed. 

Note: Each prescription will now have “Created”, “Assigned” or “Signed” status depending on whether it has been newly created, assigned to a doctor or has been signed.


16. Click Save to save this prescription set for the guest

17. Click Print to print the prescription set

Note: In case you turned on the Standard Prescription template at the organization level, the prescription will be printed with the default format given below. This default format of the printed prescription can be changed in the “Standard Prescription”  template at the organization level.



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