Modifying a Prescription


What is a Prescription?

A prescription is a printable form given to the patients after the appointment is over. Prescriptions can be used for invasive or non-invasive medical procedures such as a botox injection, etc. You can also create a prescription set which is a group of prescriptions.

What initial setup is required before working with Prescriptions?

To enable the prescription feature, the organization needs to enable the 'Is clinic' setting. This is done in the Organization Settings page, as shown below:


Once the organization setting is enabled, the 'Is clinic' setting at center level needs to be enabled. This is done in the Center Settings page, as shown below:


Only once these settings are enabled in the Organization and Center page, you will see a Prescription link in the Admin mode.

How do I modify an existing prescription?

To create a prescription, perform the following steps:

  • In the Admin tab, click the Prescriptionslink.


  • A list of available prescriptions in your existing center display. Click on the name of a prescription to edit it. 
  • Enter\Modify the name and description for the prescription and click Save.


Once prescriptions are created, you can use this in the appointment book. To know more about how to enter prescription information from the appointment book, read the article 'Edit/Add Prescription - General'.

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