Enable And Create Prescriptions For Your Organization


Your front desk staff can print prescriptions for clients. In order to use this feature, you should first enable the appropriate settings, as described in this article.

You can also set up pre-defined prescriptions and prescription sets that can be printed by the front desk.  For example, you might create a pre-defined prescription set consisting of several prescriptions for post laser hair removal care. To learn how to create a prescription set check the article Create And Use Prescription Sets. 


To Enable Prescriptions For Your Organization

1. Ensure you are in the Organization view

2. Navigate to Organizations> Manage Organization > Organization Name

3. Click on the Settings tab

4. Expand the General folder

5. Select the Enable prescription check box



To Enable Prescriptions For Your Center

1. Ensure you are in the Center view

2. Navigate to Centers> Manage Centers > Center Name

3. Click on the Settings tab

4. Expand the General folder

5. Select the Enable Prescription check box



To Enable Signing Of A Prescription

You can enable signing of prescriptions by doctors or specialists in your center.   To do this you first have to enable your center to handle signed prescriptions. 

1. Ensure you are in the Center view

2. Click Centers

3. Click Settings

4. Expand the General folder

5. Select the Enable Prescription Signing checkbox



To Enable Your Organization To Print A Standard Prescription

1. Ensure you are in the Organization view

2. Click the Admin link

3. Click Organizations

4. Click the Email/Texts tab

5. Click the Edit link next to the Standard Prescription template

6. In the next page select the Turn this automated email on checkbox


Note: The standard format of prescriptions includes important information like doctors’ DEA registration number, State License Number, shipping & billing addresses and instructions.


To Enable Employees To Sign Prescriptions

You can give selected doctors and specialists the ability to sign prescriptions.

1. Ensure you are in the Center view

2. Click the Employee tab

3. In the Employee Dashboard click Employees


4. Click the name of the employee

5. In the General tab:

6. Select the Allow Prescription Signing checkbox
Note: Names of employees who are allowed to sign prescriptions will show up in the Doctor drop down box in prescriptions.  All employees with this permission can sign prescriptions irrespective of whether a specific prescription is assigned to them or not. 


7. Enter addition information in Additional Field1 and Additional Field2. 

Note: Additional field1 and 2 can be used to capture optional information that cannot be stored using existing fields. In case of prescriptions, these can be used to capture DEA number and License number. These fields are available as macros in standard prescription template.


To Create a Prescription

1. Ensure you are in the Organization view and in the Admin dashboard

2. Click on the Prescriptions link


3. Click on the Add button in the right pane.

4. Enter a name and description for the prescription and click on Save.


5. Once the prescription is created you can:

a) Use it without any changes and include it in a prescription set.

b) Or you can include it in a prescription set with additional dosage details and instructions.


c) Use it as a standalone prescription without any additional changes and print it from an appointment block when required.



Note: In case you turned on the Standard Prescription template at the organization level, the prescription will be printed with the default format given below. This default format of the printed prescription can be changed in the “Standard Prescription” template at the organization level.


Now, you can print prescriptions and prescriptions sets from the appointment book. To learn how to read the article Print A Prescription For Your Client.


To Sign A Prescription

Doctors or therapists who have the required permission to sign prescriptions can do so from the appointment book or from the prescription signature report.  Once prescriptions are signed they are locked and cannot be edited. 

1. Ensure you are in the Center view

2. Click the Admin link


3. Click Prescription Signature

4. In the first drop down box select Unsigned, Signed or All

5. In the Select Time Period drop down box select the time period from the options available

Note: If you select custom select a time period using the From and To drop down box

6. In the adjacent Names drop down box select the name of a specific doctor or therapist you want to see prescriptions for or keep the default option All

7. Click Refresh



8. In the prescription report click the Sign link next to a specific prescription

9. Enter your username and password

Note: Only employees with valid permission can sign prescriptions. To sign prescriptions from the appointment book,  click on an empty slot in the appointment book and select Prescription Signature Report. Then follow the procedure given above.  Once signed, prescriptions can be sent via email if the Standard Prescription template is enabled at organization level. To email a prescription click Send Mail in the prescription.



To Create Prescriptions From The Guest History Page

In the guest history page you can view details of past prescriptions and create prescriptions. 

1. Ensure you are in the appointment book

2. Right-click on an appointment block and select View Guest History

3. In the Guest details page, click the Appointments tab

4. A list of current and past appointments will display

5. You will see various icons for each appointment booked by the guest – icons to view or enter service custom data, feedback and prescription data, and also an icon to view the appointment log.

6. Click on the relevant icon to create a new prescription.

Note: You can identify appointments for which prescriptions are not yet created as they will have a different icon compared to those for which prescriptions are already created.





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