Edit\Add Product - General

What is This?

  • Enter details for the product and assign a category, subcategory to the product from the available list.
  • You can manually enter product codes or auto generate them.
  • Mark a product as both, Retail and Consumable, if the product can be converted from Retail to Consumable and vice-versa.
  • Choose whether an employee would get commission on the sale of this product.
  • Define commission accelerators to give an employee more commission on selling this product.


  • Only products that have been marked as both, Retail AND Consumable, can be converted from Retail to Consumable and vice-versa. 
  • Use % Factor for Commission field to customize the standard employee commission on selling this product. For example, to give double commission on selling this product, enter 200.
  • Point the mouse on any field on this page to know more information about the field.
  • Search for an existing product by entering the product name.
  • Click on any column header to sort the list.
  • Click on the product name to modify the properties for the product.
  • Export product list to other formats, such as Excel, PDF, and CSV.
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