How to use Business Units to assess center performance


A business unit is created to group specific services, products, packages and memberships and set revenue targets for the entire business unit. E.g., A spa can create separate business units for skin care and body care and track performance for each business unit. 

WHO CAN CREATE A business unit?

A business unit is created at the organizational level. Owners or managers with authorized access can create business units for their organization.

HOW CAN I CREATE A business unit?

You can create a business unit from the Admin Dashboard. Go to Organization>Business Units.


The Manage Business Units page opens. Click on the Add Business Unit button on the upper right corner.





 Provide a name and description for the business unit. Assign revenue targets, services, products, packages and memberships to this business unit.


Services, products, packages and memberships are assigned to a business unit during creation of the service, product, package and membership.  The system will automatically associate and populate this data in the required business unit pages.


Targets are divided into Service Revenue, Service, Product, Membership and Package Sales. Your business unit’s monthly performance is monitored against these targets and the data is displayed on your admin dashboard. 

HOW can I assess my center's performance?


The Admin dashboard provides a quick glance of the center’s monthly performance. You can also use various reports as detailed below to view your center’s performance

You can also keep track of your business unit’s performance from the Sales and Revenue reports. To view these reports go to Admin>Reports> Revenue or Admin>Reports>Sales

Revenue reports provide both a graphical illustration of the targeted performance as well as a tabular data.

Sales reports provide details of all sales billed through the POS (product, package, membership, service) for the business unit for the specific time period selected.

Daily reports show the actual target achieved till date for the month and a projected target based on target achieved so far. For daily reports go to Admin>Reports>Daily Reports

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