Modifying a Package


What is a Package?

A package is a group of services offered together at a discounted price. Packages in Zenoti are of 3 types:

  • Promo packages: These are short-term, promotional packages to attract customers, such as Valentine’s day special package, women’s day package and so on. 
  • Day packages: All services of such packages must be taken on the same day.
  • Series packages: These are multiple sessions or sittings of the same service taken on multiple days. For example, a 6 sittings package of hair spa service with a validity of 90 days.

While promo packages can be created from the Marketing module, day packages and series packages can only be created from the Admin module.

How do I modify an existing package?

  • In the Admin tab, click the Packageslink.


  • A list of packages available in your current center displays. To export the list of packages to other formats, click the Export icons (CSV, PDF, or Excel).
  • Click on the name of a package to edit it. To delete a package, click the Delete Package button on the right.


  • The GENERAL page is displayed. Enter\Modify the following information on this page:
    • Package Name: Enter the name of the package.
    • Description: Enter the description of the package.
    • Package Type: Choose the package type.
    • Booking Dates: Enter a window of time during which you will accept bookings for this package. If no such restriction is required, leave these fields blank.
    • Package Price: Enter the package price. This is the price the customer needs to pay to buy this package.
    • Expiration: Enter the expiration days. You do not need to define expiration days for a day package. You must define expiration days for a series package.
    • Allow gift certificates: Choose whether customers can pay for this package using a prepaid card.
    • Allow membership redemption: Choose whether customers can pay for this package using their membership benefits.
    • Commission: Choose whether your employees would be eligible for a commission on selling this package.
    • % Factor For Commission: Enter the % factor for commission for this package. This field allows you to give more commission to therapists on selling this specific package. For example, to give double commission on selling the 'Beat the Summer' package, you can assign a 200% commission factor for this package. When calculating commissions, Zenoti will automatically multiply the standard package commission by this factor to determine commissions for the sale of this specific package. To know more about factor for commission field, read the article 'Defining Commission Accelerators'. To know more about commissions, read the article 'Defining Jobs and Commissions'.
  • Click Save.
  • Click the SERVICES link to specify the services and quantity that are a part of this package. For a series package, you might have a single service chosen on this page with more than 1 quantity. For a day package or promo package, you might have the quantity as 1 for each service, but multiple services chosen.
  • Click Save.
  • Click the CENTERS tab to select\update the centers where this package will be available.
  • Click Save.
  • Click the CATALOGtab to modify the digital catalog settings for the product:
    • Image: Select and upload an image for this package.
    • Show in Catalog: Choose whether or not you wish to show this package in the digital catalog.
    • YouTube Video ID: Enter the video ID for the package, if a video for this package is uploaded in You Tube.
    • Click Save.
    Click the SOCIALtab to modify the following:
    • Announcement: Enter an announcement message for this package for Facebook and Twitter pages.
    • Caption: Enter a caption for this package announcement for Facebook and Twitter pages.
    • Message: Enter a message for this package for Facebook and Twitter pages.
    • Image: Upload an image for this package for Facebook and Twitter pages.
    • Click Post.
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