Creating Opportunity Custom Fields


What is a Custom Field?

A custom field allows you to capture additional data for a guest, service, or an opportunity. You can create any custom field from the Admin mode depending upon your business requirement and these fields will be exposed in the appointment book for front office to enter information for an appointment. Custom fields created for opportunities would be shown in the Sales module to add more information related to the Sales opportunity.

When do I need to use a Opportunity Custom Field?

You can create custom fields for opportunities to store specific information about each opportunity such as Notes, Customer Requirements, and so on.

How do I Create a Opportunity Custom Field?

To create an opportunity custom field, perform the following steps:

  • Access the Admin mode.
  • Click the Opportunities link under Custom Fields in the Admin mode.


  • Enter the Field name for the opportunity custom field. 

        Note: Field names are shown in the CUSTOM tab when viewing an opportunity in the Sales module

  • Enter the description for the opportunity custom field. 

        Note: The description is can be used when searching for opportunities and by other administrators to understand what the field is about.

  • Choose an opportunity Field Type.

 opportunity 1.png


Note: Choose the Label option if you want to create a label. Then in the Text field multiple paragraphs can be entered along with bullet points (bullets points can be added using copy/paste).  If the custom field type is Dropdown, select the list value from the dropdown. The list value needs to be first created by selecting the Lists option under Custom Fields in the Admin mode. Read the article 'Defining a Custom List' to know more about creating a custom list.

  • Enter the Display Order for the field. The field display order will define the sequence in which the custom fields will be shown within a group.

  • Enter the Group Name for the field, if it forms part of any group. 

    Note: If a group name is set, such fields will be shown first followed by groups. Also existing group names will be automatically suggested.  

  • Enter the Group Display order for the group.  The display order will define the sequence in which the groups will be shown in the opportunity.

         Note: Each opportunity custom field can be granularly configured depending on specific needs

  • Select the Show this field on its own in a single row checkbox, if you want the field created to be shown in a single row with no other field next to it.

Note: We use a two-column layout to show most of the fields (other than labels and large text boxes) and the fields with this flag selected will be shown in a single column layout as seen below in the image.



  • Click Add Field.

         Note: This will result in the new field being added, and then Preview can be clicked to view it. You cannot preview a field before adding it.

  • Click Preview, to check how the custom field appears


Editing An Opportunity Custom Field

Custom fields once created can be edited and changes can be made to the display order, group assignment or other properties.

  • To locate a field, search by using field name or description.
  • You can filter the fields while searching  using Field Type drop down box and  by choosing the field status in the View drop down box.
  • You can edit each field by clicking and editing them as shown in the figure below.
  • Once added, an opportunity custom field is active, by default. You can also deactivate an opportunity custom field by clicking in the Active check box next to the field.


  • To edit a label value click on the orange pen icon and the Enter Label Details popup will appear where the  Field name and Value of the label can be edited.  


  • Once a custom field for an opportunity is created, you can enter data for these fields from the Opportunity page. Read the article 'Modifying an Opportunity' to know more about this.


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