Defining a Custom List


What are custom fields?

Occasionally you may want to store additional data for a specific service. For example, to effectively administer a hair spa service, you may need to know the guest’s hair type, or for a customized facial you would want to know and store the guest’s skin type.  When you require storing additional information for any single or group of services, you can create custom fields. Similarly, custom fields can be created for sales opportunities that you enter through the Sales module. Custom fields can be of various types, such as a text field, a Yes/No field and a drop-down list field with a list of values, such as you could create a custom field called 'Massage Oil Preference' with various options to choose from, such as 'Olive oil', 'Grape seed Oil', 'Sweet almond oil' and so on. To create a drop-down list custom field, you first need to define the list values. To do this, you need to use the custom list option.

How do I define a custom list?

To define a custom list, perform the following steps:

  • In the Admin screen, click the Lists link under Custom Fields.


  • A list of custom lists in the current center display. Click on the export icons (CSV, Excel, or PDF) to export the list to other formats.
  • Click Add Custom List button on the right pane.
  • Enter a list name and description.
  • Enter values for the list in the List Value field. Alternatively, you can leave this field blank and choose pre-defined values in the system for products, services, rooms, vendors or employees. For example, if you choose 'products', all products defined in the Products page on Admin mode for your center will be displayed in this list as options.
  • Click Finish.


Once a custom list is created, you can use this list to create a guest custom field, service custom field, or an opportunity custom field. To know more about how to create custom fields, read the article 'Creating a Guest Custom Field', 'Creating a Service Custom Field', and 'Creating Opportunity Custom Fields'.

To know more about creating custom fields, launch the online tutorial from the link on the Lists page.


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