Admin - Tags - Creation page and listing page

What Is This?


Tags are used to group guests, services, products, employees, packages or memberships based on some criteria. For example, you could create a tag called “Elite”. And then, in the guest profile, assign this tag to specific guests. You then use this tag to pull all guests with this tag when creating a target segment. 


Creating and using tags are a three step process. 

1. In the Admin screen (in the organization view), define a tag.

2. Assign a guest, service, product, employee, package or membership the tag from its profile pages. 

3. Put tagged profiles to use in one of the following ways. 

•Guest tags are used to create a custom target segment.

• Employee tags are used to filter employee names that appear on the appointment book.

•Filter sales reports by tags on services, products, packages, or memberships

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