Creating a Vendor


What is a 'vendor' in Zenoti?

A vendor is an organization\store\shop or a whole seller from which you buy products for your spa or salon.

What initial setup is required to create vendors?

Before creating vendors, you need to enter products in Zenoti. To know more about how to enter products, read the article 'Creating a Product'.

How do I create a vendor is Zenoti?

To create a vendor, perform the following:

  • In the Admin tab, click the Vendors link.


  • A list of existing vendors display. Click the Export buttons to export this list to Excel, PDF, or CSV. Click the Add Vendor button on the right pane.
  • The first step, the GENERAL page is displayed. Enter the following information on this page:
    • Vendor name: Enter the name of the vendor.
    • Address 1, Address 2, City, Country, State, Pin code: Enter the address of the vendor.
    • Phone number: Enter the phone number of the vendor.
    • Email address: Enter the email address for the vendor.
    • CST #: Enter the CST # of the vendor.
    • TIN #: Enter the TIN # of the vendor.


  • Click Next.
  • Specify which products are supplied by this vendor by entering the product name, the product price for each of the products, any discount offered by the vendor on this product, and the default tax associated with this product. Products must be available in the Products master list before products can be associated to vendors. The product mapping to a vendor helps when raising a purchase order to a vendor. To know more about raising purchase orders to a vendor, read the article 'Creating a purchase order'.
  • Click Add and repeat until you have added all products.
  • Click Finish.


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