Add Or Modify A Terminal


When processing offline credit card transactions in Zenoti,  you can use multiple card swiping machines, and record the machine used to charge the customer using the Terminal drop-down. This information would be helpful if you are analyzing credit card transaction fees based on the card issuing bank and terminal used. For example when a Citibank card is charged using a Union Bank terminal, you may incur 2% transaction fee. However, 3% transaction fee will be applied when using a different terminal provided by Standard Bank.

Terminal names are displayed in a drop down box in the POS when the credit/debit card option is chosen.  If you want to add a new terminal name to the drop down box, you will first have to add it at the center level.


To Add A Terminal Name


1) Ensure you are in the Center view

2) Click the Admin link

3) Click Terminals under Resources  


4) In the Manage Terminals screen, click the Add button in the right hand corner to add a new terminal name. 

Note: You can use the search bar to find existing terminal names and click on the terminal name to modify it.

5) In the Create Terminals page:


a) In the Terminals Name field, enter a terminal name. 

b) In the Description field, enter a description for the terminal. 

c) Click Save




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