Add Or Modify A Bank Name


When processing offline credit card transactions in Zenoti you can capture the name of the bank that issued the card. A list of preconfigured banks will be auto suggested in the Bank Name field. If a bank name is not found in the list, you will have to add it at the organization level.  Capturing the bank name is essential as banks charge different transaction fees based on the card issuing bank and the terminal used to receive the payment.


To Add A Bank Name

1) Ensure you are in the Organization view

2) Click the Admin link

3) Click Banks under Resources


4) In the Manage Banks screen, click the Add button in the right hand corner to add a new bank name. 

Note: You can use the search bar to find existing bank names and click on the bank name to modify it.

5) In the Create Bank page:

6) In the Bank Name field, enter a bank name. 

7) In the Description field, enter a description for the bank. 

8) Click Save

create bank1.png


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