Locking Editing of Transactions before a Set Date


If you have the required permissions, Zenoti allows for backdating and editing of various items such as:

  • Editing register closures - to accommodate any changes in transactions that happened past register closure
  • Editing of old invoices – to accommodate closure of past open tickets
  • Back dating of invoices
  • Changing appointment status after the appointment is closed – to accommodate incorrect billing
  • Backdating of inventory orders, audits, and reconciliation
  • Editing employee payroll

You can put a restriction through a date set at the organization and each center level, such that no backdating or editing of transactional data can happen before the set date. Perform the following steps to do this:

  • Click the Organizations link in the Admin mode.


  • Click the Settings tab. Enter a date for Lock Zenoti field in the General Settings section and click Save. This date is set at the organization level, such that no centers in the organization can make changes to transactional data before this set date.


  • You can have a lock date at the organization level and also at each center level. To define a lock date for center, click the Centers link in the Admin mode. Click the center name and the Settings tab. Enter a lock date for the center. If a lock date is defined both, at the organization level and the center level, the later date will be considered as the lock date.
  • Click Save.


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