How to Configure SMS And Email Settings for Appointment Alerts in Zenoti?


The steps outlined below are needed to configure SMS and Email alerts:

1.  Activate the SMS or Email at the Organization level -> In Admin-> Organization -> Settings -> Select the Activate SMS And Active Email option. Only Owners will have the option to enable/Disable these settings.

2. For the Appointment alerts to the customers, define the Email/SMS Templates at the Organization Level -> In Admin -> Organization -> Customer Emails -> Write the SMS/ Email draft for different actions of the Appointments. 

3. The SMS/Email Credits are tracked at each center, and can be verified  in -> Admin -> Centers -> Select the center for which you wanted to see the balance. Balance will be displayed on the right top. These are dependent on the license type and if you need more credits, contact us.

4. Guest Level settings exist to determine whether the individual guest wants to receive the transactional and marketing messages/ email. When creating a new customer from the Loyalty Page/ Appointment Page/ POS Page/ Custom Package/ Membership add on page the settings - receive transaction text messages and receive marketing text messages are set to ON/OFF depending on organizational settings.  Set new guest profile to receive transactional text messages and Set new guest profile to receive marketing text messages.  All types of messages except campaign and birthday notification messages are considered as transactional messages (SMS), only campaign and birthday notification messages are considered as marketing messages (SMS). Also make sure that the mobile phone number and email address of the guest is provided.

Note: SMS will not be sent to the customer if the customer has DND (Do Not Disturb) service enabled with their service provider.

Do not include country code when entering guest mobile number

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