Modifying a Room

What is a 'room' in Zenoti?

A 'room' is a facility in a spa\salon\clinic where you deliver services, such as a massage, a facial, etc.

How do I modify an existing room in Zenoti?

To modify an existing room in Zenoti, perform the following steps:

  • In the Admin tab, click the Roomslink.


  • A list of existing rooms in the current center display. Click on a room name to edit\delete the room. Click the Delete Room button to delete the room.


  • Click the GENERAL tab to modify the following:
    • Room name: Modify the room name
    • Description: Modify the room description.
    • Capacity: Modify the capacity for the room.
  • Click the SERVICES tab to modify the services that can be delivered in this room. Once you define services for a room, the room cannot be booked for any other services from the appointment book. If no such restriction is needed, leave this page blank. Note that you can also define a price factor % for each of the services that can be delivered in this room. For example, you might want to charge an extra premium for facial services delivered in the Lotus room. You can define such percentage factors for each service and the price would automatically be adjusted on the invoice for facial services booked in Lotus room. 
  • Click the RESERVATIONS tab to define reservation rules, if any, for this room on this page. You may want to reserve this room for members only or for users of a particular target segment. For such requirements, define reservation rules here and click Add Rule. You can also add multiple rules, if you have such a requirement.
    • Select day of the week - Select the days of the week when this reservation rule would apply.
    • Start time - Choose a start time for the reservation. The room will be reserved from this time on the selected days.
    • End time - Choose an end time for the reservation. The room will be reserved until this time on the selected days.
    • Reservation options - Determine how many hours before the start time or before the service start time should the room be booked. For example, if the room reservation is from 6PM to 9PM and the reservation should expire 4 hrs before the start time, the room must be booked latest by 2PM.
    • Users type - Choose the type of users that will be allowed in the room to avail services. For example, you can book the Lotus room for all Silver card members. You can reserve a room for members or for users of a specific target segment.

Once reservation rules are defined, when you book an appointment for this room, the reservation rules will be honored.

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