Export Data From Zenoti To QuickBooks


Zenoti integrates with QuickBooks and supports both QuickBooks Desktop and Quickbooks Online using the TransactionPro Importer on Windows/Mac platforms.

Using this integration spas and salons can import guest details, invoice details and payment details into QuickBooks.  


To Export Data From Zenoti

1. Ensure you are in the Center view.

2. Click the Admin link.

3. In the Admin Dashboard, click Accounting under Reports.


4. In the Select a Report field, select QuickBooks Export using the drop down box. 

5. In the From field, select a From date using the calendar drop down.  



6. In the To field, select a To date using the calendar drop down. 

Note: This report can only be run for a maximum period of 12 days. 

7. Click Export

Note: The report will be exported as an excel file which can then be imported into QuickBooks using the TransactionPro Importer. 


To Import Data Into QuickBooks Using TransactionPro


1. In the TransactionPro wizard import the excel workbook.


 2. Select appropriate worksheet to imports guests, invoices or payments received.

3. In the TransactionPro wizard, review the field mappings and complete the import process.




 4. Import of data to your Quickbooks account will then be complete.  


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