Enable and Use BIR Receipts


Zenoti enables the businesses in Philippines to use the Bureau of Internal Revenue (BIR) format for invoicing. When you enable BIR receipt for a center, the system allows you to select the following three tax categories in the invoice, and the receipts show the appropriate amount against each one of these: VATable Sales, VAT Zero-Rated Sales, and VAT-Exempt Sales.

To enable BIR receipts

  1. Make sure you are in the Center view.
  2. On the Admin Dashboard, click Organization > Centers
  3. Click the name of the center, and on the Edit Center page, click the Settings tab.
  4. Click Invoice & Receipt.
  5. Click the Receipt Printer option.

    Note:  BIR receipt is only supported for the standard receipt printer format.

  6. Click the BIR receipt checkbox.

    Note: Once the BIR receipts is enabled, Zenoti prints two copies for all receipts - original and a duplicate.

The original as well as the duplicate receipts print with the following tax details:

    1. Sub Total (# items) - shows the total price of all the sale items  included in the invoice before applying tax.
    2. VATable Sales - shows the sale amount on which VAT is applied.
    3. VAT Zero-rated Sales - shows the sale amount on which VAT isn't applicable. It is applicable for guests who belong to organizations that are exempt from paying tax.
    4. VAT-Exempt Sales - shows the sale amount on which VAT is not applicable, and which also are eligible for a 20% discount. VAT-Exempt Sales are applicable for senior citizens.
      Note: You can see a DUPLICATE header on the duplicate receipts, and a Deleted watermark on the receipts that are deleted. 
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