Getting Started with Barcode Printing and Scanning


Zenoti supports the scanning of barcodes printed on the products.  This helps you reduce any issues that may arise due to manual entry of product names at the time of checking out.

  1. The product code given in the product master is used as the product barcode. Feed the value you want to use as the barcode and print from the Product master or the Purchase or Transfer order page. Click on the excel icon next to product name in the product master or Print Barcode in the order page to print the barcodes.  In the order page the print of barcode would only print the same number of barcodes as the quantity in the order.
  2. If you prefer to use the manufacturer printed barcode already on the product, you can enter that number as the product code in the master, so that you need not print new barcodes and scan the barcode using any handheld scanner.
  3. Please note that for the print of barcodes, we only support Mozilla Firefox browser. Alignment would only work if printed from Firefox browser on the stationery given below. Setup margins in Firefox should be set to zero (You can do this from print setup dialog box). Also Headers and footers should be set to blank. Print of barcodes should be done after these changes are done.
  4. There are copier labels of various specifications in the market. The below specification stationery is supported by Zenoti currently to print the barcodes.
    Copier Labels A 4ST-65 38.1mmx21.2mm per barcode 5x13 matrix. Left margin and Right margin 3 mm. bar-code horizontal gap 2.5mm. no vertical gap.
  5. For products which are already in stock, you can print barcodes using the below steps.
    1. Create a dummy order with all the products and their current quantities. Make sure to keep this in create state so that it does not impact your current stock levels or ordered quantities.
    2. Click on print barcodes after step 3 above is done using stationery from step 4.'
    3. Once the barcodes are printed, you can delete this dummy order. Barcode Reader: TVS Electronics Model - BS-C101 Star
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