Reviewing and Updating Check out History


What is a check out?

Zenoti categorizes products into 2 categories – Retail and Consumable. Retail products are sold to customers and consumable products are used within a spa or salon to deliver services. All operations related to inventory in Zenoti are categorized into these 2 categories.

Zenoti assumes that in each center there is a store room. Whenever new products arrive it assumes all products go into the store room. When products on the floor are consumed, you need to transfer products from the store room to the floor. This is done using checkout in Zenoti. All products need to be 'checked out' from a store room by an employee to be used on the floor (Consumable products) or to be sold by the reception (Retail products). A check out can be considered as a physical movement of product from store room to 'on floor'.

All check out operations are recorded and tracked in Zenoti and you can review the check out history at anytime.

How can I review the check out history of products?

  • In the Inventory tab, click the Check outlink under Retail (if you wish to look at check out history of Retail products) OR click the Check out link under Consumables (if you wish to look at check out history of Consumable products).


  • A list of all products checked out is shown in the Checkout History grid. Information such as the checkout date, product name, unit, quantity of product checked out, employee name who checked out the product, and notes entered, if any, are also shown for each check out transaction. Export this list to other formats by clicking on the export links. You can also edit the recorded check out information for any of the transactions by clicking on the Edit button next to the transaction.


  • You can modify the check out date, the quantity, employee name, and notes for the check out transaction. Click Save to save the changes. Note that any changes made to check outs will affect the inventory reports and audit and reconcile cycles accordingly.


  • Consumable products check out history and updates to Consumable check outs can also be made in the same way by clicking the Check Out link for Consumables.


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