Viewing Current Stock of Inventory


In Zenoti, all operations related to inventory are divided into these two product categories:

  • Retail: products that are sold to customers.
  • Consumable: products that are used within a spa or salon to deliver the services.

The system assumes that there is a store room in each center, and when new products arrive into the center, they are assumed to go into the store room.

To sell or consume products, they need to be "checked out" by the employee to move them. A check out is considered as a physical movement of product from the store room to "on floor".

Products can be converted from Retail to Consumable and vice-versa based on the requirements. Products can also be transferred to other centers and are considered as delivered when they are sent.

The Current Stock page lets you review the following quantities for each product in the center:

  • Opening
  • Inflow
  • Outflow
  • Current

This report also shows the value of the current stock and tax information. The value can be based on FIFO (First in first out) or Average value.

Navigate to the report

  1. On the main menu, click Inventory.
  2. On the Inventory Dashboard, click Reports > Consumption.
  3. In the Select a Report list, click Retail or Consumable for the respective reports, or click All to view a combined report.

Set up the filter criteria

  • Product Category: Select a Product Category for the report. 
  • Time period: Select a time period for the report. You can run the report for predefined time periods shown below, or any custom period of up to six months.

View the results

After you define the criteria, click Refresh to see the report.


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