Reviewing Product Conversion History


Products in Zenoti are categorized as Retail or Consumable products. All operations related to inventory are categorizes into these two broad categories in Zenoti. However, there might be situations where you need to use a Retail product as a Consumable product. You can use the product conversion feature to record this change in Zenoti. It is critical to change the product to a Consumable product if you are consuming a Retail product, because if this is not done, the product will be considered as a Retail product in Zenoti and will affect the Audit and Reconcile reports.

Once a product is converted, you can review the product conversion history at anytime. To review the product conversion history, perform the following steps:

  • In the Inventory tab, click the Product Conversionlink under Retail (to look at product conversion history of Retail product to Consumable product) OR click the Product Conversion link under Consumable (to look at product conversion history of Consumable product to a Retail product).


  • A list of all product conversions are shown in the Conversion History grid for you to review. You can also select the duration from the drop down list.


  • You can review the product conversion history for Consummable products to Retail products in the same way by clicking the Product Conversion link for Consumables. 
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