Converting Products to Retail or Consumables


When would I need to use this feature?

Products in Zenoti are categorized as Retail or Consumable products. All operations related to inventory are categorizes into these two broad categories in Zenoti. However, there might be situations where you need to use a Retail product as a Consumable product. You can use the product conversion feature to record this change in Zenoti. It is critical to change the product to a Consumable product if you are consuming a Retail product, as if this is not done, the product will be considered as a Retail product in Zenoti and will affect the Audit and Reconcile cycles.

What setup is required before I can convert a product?

You can setup a product as both, Consumable and Retail in the Admin mode. This will allow the product to be converted into from Retail to Consumable or Consumable to Retail. Note that only products that have been set up as both, Retail and Consumable can be converted. Products that are only set up as Retail products or only Consumable products cannot be used for conversion.

To setup product as both, Retail and Consumable, perform the following steps:

  • Click the Products link in the Admin mode.


  • Click on the name of an existing product or click on the Add Product button on the right pane to create a new product.
  • Click Yes for Retail and Yes for Consumable to specify that the product is both, Retail and Consumable.


How can I convert a product?

  • In the Inventory tab, click the Convertlink under Retail (to convert a Retail product to Consumable product) OR click the Product Conversion link under Consumable (to convert a Consumable product to a Retail product).


  • Enter the product name. Product unit shows up.
  • Choose the current location of the product, whether this product is currently in Store or on Floor. As you choose the location, current quantity of the product is shown. A product currently in Retail store is automatically considered to be transferred to Consumable store and a product in Retail floor is transferred to Consumable floor.
  • Enter the quantity of product being converted in QTY column. The quantity to be convered must be less than the current quantity.
  • Choose who is responsible for this conversion from the list of employees. It is mandatory to select an employee when performing product conversions.
  • Enter notes if any, and click Convert.


The converted product is shown in the Conversion History grid. Click the product name link to view all transactions related to this product.
Consumable products can also be converted to Retail products in the same way by clicking the Product Conversion link under Consumable. 

 Overriding Convert Quantity Restrictions

By default, the quantity to be converted must be less than or equal to the current store and floor quantity. To override this restriction, you can click the Allow checkout/conversion when the stock is not available field in the Organizations Setting page. To do this, perform the following steps:

  • Access the Admin mode.
  • Click the Organizations link.


  • Click the Settings tab and expand the Inventory section. 
  • Check the Allow checkout/conversion when the stock is not available check box.


  • Click Save. Once this setting is enabled, you will be able to convert quantities which is less than the available store and floor quantities.
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