What is This?

Each month it is recommended to do a physical audit of all your products in store room and on floor and enter it here. After doing physical audit, reconcile the physical data with the projected inventory by the system. 

What Next?

Reconcile the product data using the 'Reconcile' link. Only an owner can reconcile the product data, as the 'Reconcile' link is only shown to an owner login.


  • Audit and Reconciliation should be done hand in hand without much delay (preferably on the same day).
  • Click on the product name to look at the product history or ledger for a particular duration to see all transactions related to this product.
  • If you do not have a concept of a store room in your center, leave this column blank.
  • The unit for each product is shown as per the product definition in the Admin mode. If you need to change the unit of a product, change it from the 'Products' page in the Admin mode.
  • Click 'Save Changes' button if you are not ready to submit the audit yet.
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