Not able to see the Product list in Audit Page


I have done a physical audit of the products in my center and submitted these in the audit in the Inventory Audit link.  I am clicking on that link now and it shows a message that there are no products associated or reconciliation is pending.  Why is this and what do I need to do about this?

What you are seeing on the screen would be something like this in the screenshot below.  Do not be alarmed.  This is by design and this is explained in detail in this article!

 If you have a manager login, then you should be able to see the Inventory Module with the below links.



On clicking on the Audit Link, if you see the below screen then it would mean one of two things.



  1. Products are not associated to the center.  This is very unlikely as you have already submitted an audit for these products already.
  2. Which brings us to the next item, i.e the Products Audit was already submitted and you are trying to submit another audit.


As you can see in the screenshot the Help text area mentions that after doing an audit the reconciliation needs to be done. 

Now before you go about searching for the Reconcile link in the Inventory Module or Zenoti, let me stop you.

With a manager login, you would not be able to see the Reconcile Link.  This link would be available to only the owner login.  There the owner would be able to see a detailed analysis of the Audit you have submitted.  The owner would then click on a button “Submit Reconcile” similar to the “Submit Audit” button you had click to submit the audit. If you are curious as to how this page looks like, read on. 


The reason for you seeing the message above is that the owner is yet to Reconcile i.e, click on “Submit Reconcile” button.  Please let the owner know that you are ready to submit another audit and that they should reconcile the previous audit.


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