Manage Procurement

What is This?

Manage product orders and transfers from here. You can view status of a transaction or copy an existing order to create new ones. Manage transfer of products across centers or create purchase orders to order goods from vendors. When goods are received, check in products against the order.

What Next?

  • Add a purchase order by clicking the 'Add Purchase Order' button to order goods from a vendor or head office.
  • Add a transfer order by clicking the 'Add Transfer' button to transfer goods between centers.
  • Update status of an existing order, print the order, or copy and order by clicking on the 'REF NUM'.


  • You can also raise purchase order to a head office or your main center. The head office or the main center needs to have the vendor setting enabled at the Center level
  • Export the list of orders to Excel, CSV, or PDF format by clicking on the appropriate icon.
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