Handling Product Returns to a Vendor


Zenoti allows you to create and raise purchase orders to vendors effectively. Once the vendor delivers the products, you can also mark the products as delivered to update the inventory. However, at times, you might receive faulty or unsatisfactory products from the vendor and want to return it.

To return a product to a vendor, perform the following steps:

  • Click the Inventory tab to access the Inventory module.
  • Click the Orders link.


  • To return products to a vendor, you need to raise a new PO to the vendor with negative quantities of the products that you wish to return. You can click the Add Purchase Order button and create and raise a PO to the vendor with negative values. (Read the article 'Creating a Purchase Order' to know how to raise a PO to the vendor). Another way to create a return PO for the vendor is to open an existing PO which was marked as delivered from the vendor and copy the same PO, edit the quantities to be negative, and raise it to the same vendor to return the quantities.


  • Once you have opened the required order form, click the Copy to Purchase button to copy the products from this order to another purchase order.


  • Choose the vendor to which you wish to raise the PO. The vendor should be the same vendor who delivered the products to your center originally and now you wish to return products to the same vendor. Click OK after selecting the vendor from the list.


  • A new PO is created with the same product details. Update the quantity as negative for the products you wish to return to the vendor. You can also enter the reason for returning products in the Notes field. As soon as you mark the quantity as negative, the price also becomes negative, indicating that this is a return PO. Enter any other additional information in Notes field and follow the same cycle of creating and raising the Purchase Order to the vendor. The inventory will be updated accordingly. Review all product returns that have happened in a particular time period from the Product Returns report. To know more about this report, read the article 'Product Returns Report'.



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