Accepting Partial Orders from Another Center


What is an Order?

A very common task in inventory management is to manage orders. Orders in Zenoti are of two types - purchase order and transfer order. To order new products from a vendor, you need to create a purchase order and to order products from your head office or another center, you need to create a transfer order. To know about how to raise orders, read the articles 'Creating a Purchase Order'.

In a multi-center setup, it might be required to transfer products between centers to cater to demands and shortages of products. In such situations, you need to create a transfer order between centers. Note that to order products from a head office or another center, you will need to use a purchase order and not a transfer order. To know more about raising purchase orders, read the article 'Creating a Purchase Order'.

How do I accept partial orders sent from another center?

  • Make sure you are logged in the right center (look at the center name at the top pane) which has received products from another center.


  • In the Inventory tab, click the Orders link.


  • The Manage Procurement page is shown with a list of all orders related to the current center. You can filter this page based on orders such as purchase order, tax invoices, transfer to center, transfer from center, and all orders. You can also filter on the status of the order such as created, updated, raised, delivered, and all statuses. Select a duration from the drop down list and click Refresh. Note that you cannot make changes to an order form if the status is raised or delivered.
  • If a transfer has been issued to this center, the transfer order will automatically appear here. Click the REF NUM link to open a transfer order from another center.
  • Enter the QTY RECEIVED against the quantity that was ordered.
  • If a discount was given, enter the discount.
  • Enter other charges as applicable and click Save button since the full order was received.


  • The order will be saved with the quantity received information you have entered, but will not be considered as a 'delivered' order. The order will now be shown on the Manage Procurement page will a status of 'Updated'. 


  • Once the remaining quantities of the product arrive, click on the reference number of the order again, update the quantity received as per the physical quantities received and click the Save&Deliver button. Once you click on the Save & Deliver button, the stock is updated at both, the source center and the receving center. 

How can I Restrict the Recipient Center from Making Any Changes to the Transfer Order?

If you wish to restrict the receiving center from making any changes to the order, except 'accepting' the order and changing the status to 'delivered', perform the following steps:Access the Admin mode.

  • Click the Organizationslink.


  • Click the Settings tab and click the check box Restrict editing of transfer orders in the recipient center. Once this setting is enabled, the receiving center cannot make any changes to the order, except clicking the Save&Deliver button on the order page.


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