Printing an Order


What is an Order?

A very common task in inventory management is to manage orders. Orders in Zenoti are of two types - purchase order and transfer order. To order new products from a vendor, you need to create a purchase order and to order products from your head office or another center, you need to create a transfer order. To know about how to raise orders, read the articles 'Creating a Purchase Order' and 'Creating a Transfer Order'.

How do I print the tax invoice for an existing order?

If you have created an order, you can print the order at anytime. To print the order, perform the following steps:

  • In the Inventory tab, click the Orders link.


  • The Manage Procurement page is shown with a list of all orders related to the current center. You can filter this page based on orders such as purchase order, tax invoices, transfer to center, transfer from center, and all orders. You can also filter on the status of the order such as created, updated, raised, delivered, and all statuses. Select a duration from the drop down list and click Refresh. Note that you cannot make changes to an order form if the status is raised or delivered.
  • Click the reference number of the order for which you wish to print the tax invoice.
  • Click the Print button on the order form.


  • The order is displayed.


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