Creating a Transfer Order


Orders in Zenoti are of two types - purchase order and transfer order. To order new products from a vendor, you need to create a purchase order and to order products from your head office or another center, you need to create a transfer order. To know about how to raise orders, read the articles Creating a Purchase Order.

To know more about how to add product and apply them to various centers, read the article Creating Products in Zenoti.

In a multi-center setup, it might be required to transfer products between centers to cater to demands and shortages of products. In such situations, you need to create a transfer order between centers. Note that to order products from a head office or another center, you will need to use a purchase order and not a transfer order. 

Prerequisites for transfer orders

Products must be entered in Zenoti before you can transfer products between centers. Also, the product name should be available in the product master in both, the source center and the recipient center before the product can be transferred. To know more about how to add products in Zenoti, read the article Creating Products in Zenoti.

Restricting a Center to Raise Orders

In the Admin mode, you can also restrict a particular center from raising purchase orders or transfer orders. To know more about how this is done, read the article Restricting a Center to Raise Orders.

Using the Auto Transfer Feature

To transfer a product from a center to another center, the source center needs to check out the product from the store to the floor if the floor does not have the adequate stock to transfer. You can also enable the system to automatically transfer the product from store to floor when you raise a transfer order. This can be done by enabling this setting in the Admin mode under Organizations > Settings page, as shown below:

Creating a transfer order

  1. Ensure that you are at the Center level and in the Admin mode.
  2. Click the Loyalty module.
  3. In the Inventory Dashboard, click Procurement > Orders.

  4. The Manage Procurement page is displayed. Click Add Transfer on the right pane.
  5. In the Create a Transfer Order page, select either the Transfer From or Transfer To radio button and then select the relevant center from the drop-down list.
  6. Enter the product name, the retail quantity, and the consumable quantity.
  7. Click Add.
  8. Select a tax type from the drop-down list, if applicable.
  9. Enter the Discount percentage or the flat amount that you want to give as discount.
  10. Enter the values for 'Shipping & Handling', and 'Other' charges, if any.
  11. Enter relevant Notes, if any.
  12. Click Save to save the order created, else, click Save & Raise.
  13. To remove a product from the order form, click the Delete button (red cross).
    Note: Transfer orders that are raised cannot be edited. If you want to edit a transfer order later, click the Save button.

You can restrict the delivery order of products to a center to not exceed the quantity raised or requested. For example, if a center raises a transfer order for 100 bottles of a particular shampoo, then the delivery of the order must not exceed 100 bottles. You can set this at the Organization level under Inventory settings by deselecting the "Allow delivered quantity to be more than the ordered quantity in the transfer order" check box.

Once products are transferred to another center, the order status is updated to 'In Transit' automatically until the other center changes the status of the order to 'Delivered' when physical goods arrive. To know more about this, read the article Accepting Products from Another Center.

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